The company has been serving the architectural and interior design industry for over 4 decades. Under the stewardship of Mr. Ravi Vishram and supported by an able team, the new management has expanded the range and introduced innovative, more user friendly products that cater to the diverse requirements of our discerning clients.

We pride ourselves in being one of the premier supply partners in the Industry.  We are in constant search for state-of-the-art and technologically advanced products that we introduce to the East African market.  Our Customer and After-Sales support is unrivalled.  Whatever the magnitude or complexity of the projects we undertake, we deliver quality solutions with commitment and efficacy.

To maintain the status of being the premier supplier of Quality Architectural and Interior Design Solutions

Our Vision

To continue providing the Architectural and Interior Design Industry with products and solutions of the highest quality with maximum reliability and concrete after sales support.

Our Mission


Who We Are

Our Values

Delivery with Efficacy

We believe in the Old-Age saying: Whatever you do, do it well, otherwise don’t do it at all! We deliver value!

Human Resources

We believe that the most important asset in any company is Human Resources. We continue to nurture this invaluable resource. We can attest to this by the very low staff turnover we have had to-date

Partners, not Customers

We do not believe in turning boxes. We create and maintain solid partnerships

Before, During and After Sales

Before Sales in terms of hardware consulting, project scheduling, preparing bills of quantities and order processing. During Sales by ensuring we are on top of your projects and assignments. After Sales in terms of honouring our guarantees and warranties